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  • Netflix show ‘Arcane’ from Riot Games
Netflix show ‘Arcane’ from Riot Games

The long awaited show ‘Arcane’ has recently been released on Netflix and has already climbed the ranks. This show was made with Riot Games, known for the popular games League of legends and Valorant. The show was based off one of their games, League of Legends, with the purpose to explore some characters backstories. Not even a month after the release, Riot Games has announced the production of season 2 for ‘Arcane.’

The show takes places in the dystopian cities of Piltover, a futuristic city that focuses on progress and where the scholars and rich live, and Zaun, a wasteland and chemically filled environment that houses the poorer people of the city. It follows two siblings who live through thieving from others to make money in a group of four. On their most recent job, they robbed a house in Piltover which had dangerous crystals that caused an explosion in the city and they needed to run. This introduces us to another character in the story which is a young scholar attempting to combine magic and technology in the name of progress. The show has 9 episodes available on Netflix for the first season.

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