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  • Netflix and League of Legends new show “Arcane”
Netflix and League of Legends new show “Arcane”

Netflix’s new show is a collaborative piece with Riot Games, the makers of popular game League of Legends, which stars characters from the game. The plot is based on orphaned sisters Vi and Jinx who live in Zaun, the dystopian counterpart to the neighbouring city, Piltover.  The series starts with a young Jinx and Vi and their friends attempting to burgle a house in the rich city Piltover. The burglary went wrong when Jinx stumbles across a glowing rock which she drops and explodes when startled by the home owner returns. The “glowing rock” turns out to be hextech magic which is being explored by jayce who partners up with Viktor to explore it further.

The show releases three, one hour episodes ever week until 20th November. It has gained very good reviews in the short time is has been airing for and has even gained viewership of people who don’t play League of Legends.

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