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  • Otaku Events in Manchester 2015/16
Otaku Events in Manchester 2015/16

Play Expo 2015 (Manchester) is upon us and I would like to inform you of other events that you might be interested in happening in Manchester (including: when, where and what).

Play Expo – 10/11th October 2015: 11:00-18:00 – EventCity, M17 8AS

There will be an array of booths and events going on within PlayExpo, them being: Next-Gen Gaming, Indie Developers, Retro Games, Arcades, Pinball, Cosplay, Celebrity Signings, Movie Props and Vehicles, Youtubers, eSports Tournaments, Retro Tournaments, Guest Speakers, Minecraft, PC LAN, Card & Board Games, Rhythm and Dance Games, Merchandise & an Education Fair.

Manga Bazaars’ Charity Auction – 11th October 2015: 18:30-20:30  – Trafford Centre (Waterstones), M17 8AA

This is a new event of Manga Bazaar, usually there is a main event seasonally costing £4 (or £6 on the day, which you buy in store or online) although this one costs only £2. But this time there is one taking part a month after the Summer 2015 event, this is due to this event being for charity where they’ll be rasing money for The Children’s Reading Fund.

Animeleague Cosplay – 31st October 2015: 12;30-20:00 – Pub Zoo (Manchester Centre), M1 7HL

This is a 100% free event (cheaper than the Manga Bazaar’s Charity Auction that only costs £2) for cosplay enthusiasts or geeks generally which will meet up at 12:30 at Manchester Piccadilly Train Station (M1 2QF).

Doki Doki  – 7th November 2015: 10:00 – 19:00 – Sugden Sports Centre, M1 7HL

This is an event that celebrates modern and traditional Japanese cultures alike.

Star Wars UK – 4th-6th December 2015: 10:00 – 19:00 – Bowlers Exhibition Centre, M17 1SN

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you will not want to miss this event.

Manga Bazaar Winter 2016 – 7th January 2016 TBA – Trafford Centre (Waterstones), M17 8AA

This is the main Manga Bazaar event that takes places seasonally, usually it’s a maximum of 250 people but the host (brain) did announce that next year (2016) it could be of site. Why should you go? Well, firstly it only costs £4 for a ticket, then you’ll also get 10% of any Manga you purchase for the next 3 Months to. Now you ,might be asking what is going on there, well there are 4 things taking place: Cosplay and Fan Art (which you create and enter before the event) which you can take part in then judge others (vote for them), then also win prizes for winning along with the raffle, then there’s also a quiz.

BuckCon – 9/10th April 2016: 10:00-Late – EventCity, M17 8AS

This event was first created in 2012 because of the demand for events from MLP fans, from then it has expanded into something more, you can read more on it through their site.

Manchester Film and Comic Con – May 21st/22nd: TBA – EventCity, M17 8AS

This is one of the biggest events devoted to anything related to films and comics, if you are slightly interested in these types of events you definity should buy tickets as quick as possible.

Manchester MCM Expo – TBA 2016