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  • NBA Finals LeBron vs Curry
NBA Finals LeBron vs Curry

NBA Finals: LeBron vs. Curry

It’s a battle between the best all-around player in the league in LeBron James against the best shooter and the reigning MVP  Stephen Curry as the Cleveland Cavaliers fight against Golden State Warriors. Both players have showed grit and determination to get this far but I feel that James has the most pressure to win; the Warriors have proved that they are the best in the West by showing an impressive record of 67-15, whilst the Cavs finished second in the Eastern Conference with 53-29. LeBron will have to fight against the best defender in the league (in my opinion of course) in Draymond Green, whilst Stephen Curry has to fight against an 80% Kyrie Irving. With the fans all behind the Golden State Warriors, can the Cavs fight back with the world hoping the MVP can lead his team to victory?

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