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My Game Console- PSP

The game console that I have is PSP (Play Station Portable). It is a handheld game console manufactured and marked by Sony Corporation. The media it has is UMD, digital distribution. Approximately, 71.3 millions PSPs have been sold worldwide so far. About its storage, it has amemory stick of 32 MB to 32 GB.

I usually
preferfootball (PES 2010) andcar racing (pursuit force) games on my PSP. When I play football games, I set the time of 30 minut es for each match. There are a ra
nge of options to play; it includes cup, league, training and match. I enjoy all of them. I play once a day for about a couple of hours and I spend my spare time on it when it is weekend. The game that I play most on my PSP is football (PES 2010). It is my favourite game ever. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES 2010) is a game which was released in autumn 2009- many improvements have been made including the licensing of UEFA League, a new penalty system and new animations. It also features Lionel Messi and Fernando Torress on its cover.

I like playing single player games because I want to have a challenge with computer and I think it is fair to play single player games.

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