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My Favorite YouTubers

My favorite YouTubers

In this post I’m going to share some of the YouTubers that I currently watch and I think they’re awesome and some of them have very interesting channels.

YouTube is one of the best social networks that I personally think there is compered to others. I mostly use more YouTube than any other social network. I use YouTube for different things such as: checking music, find different channels like: healthy life style, beauty, and gaming and between many others. I also use YouTube to check tutorials which those normally are related to my IT course and actually are very useful in my opinion.

So I am going to share some of the great YouTubers/Channels that I personally did chose and think some of you might to have a look or might agree that those are very interesting and very entertaining.


 Life Style – Channels – recommended


Niomi Smart

Loey Lan



Cutie Pie Marzia

Anita Palito

Beauty For Breakfast

Nicole Guerreiro

Gaming- Channels – recommended

The Sim Supply

The Quxxn


Pew Die Pie

Thatcher Joe Games

The English Simmer

Music – Channels – recommended

The Sound You Need

Majestic Casual

Ultra Music

Entertainment – Channels – recommended

Prankster In Love

BF vs GF

Grave Yard Girl


Laci Green

Maxim Body

Other – Channels – recommended

52 Kards

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