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  • Minecraft Getting a Major Update?
Minecraft Getting a Major Update?

Minecraft getting a major update?

Are you a fan of Minecraft? Do you like looking at them sexy creepers? What was that?… You hate looking at them sexy creepers? Don’t worry there is a solution for that and something even cooler if you read on.

During unexpected holidays from the coronavirus, developers have been working on some great features to that can make Minecraft more interesting.

In survival mode, we cannot fly this is one of the biggest reasons why me and other people play creative mode.

But, there is a jetpack feature. Click on the link below for more information and to download the Simply Jetpacks 2 mod:


Don’t worry we didn’t forget, here is the mod to remove mobs from Minecraft:


A similar feature is available for GTA 5 which can turn you into a superhero by giving the appearance and abilities of a superhero. Superhero mods are also available on Minecraft, however mods like this are easier to find on GTA 5 as this game has more of them. There are also cheat codes on GTA 5 which give you a vehicle or an ability.

Moving on from GTA

5, there are also texture packs on Minecraft which can change the appearance of the Minecraft game including the way mobs look. A web address is shown below:



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