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Metroid is Back

Metroid Dread was released on October 8th 2021 making it the newest game in the series. This game was developed by Mercury Steam and costs £39.99. The bosses that appear in the game are are Corpious, Kraid, Robot Chozo Soldier, Drogyga, Chozo Soldier, Escue, Twin Robot Chozo Soldier, Experiment No. Z-57, Golzuna and Raven Beak. The estimated amount of time it takes to complete it for the first time is anywhere from seven to nine hours. The Plot of the game is that the galactic federation receives video evidence of the X, a dangerous species of parasite that can mimic any creature it infects, survives on the remote planet ZDR. The species was thought to be extinct since the events of Metroid Fusion. They dispatch seven EMMI robots to ZDR to investigate but lose contact shortly after. The federation sends Samus Aran to ZDR to investigate.

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