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Mental Health Awareness

In this article I’m going to discuss common mental health issues and explain their symptoms and how to get help if you fell like you suffer from any of the symptoms.

Depression is a period of time where you persistently for weeks or even months, some think that depression is just like being is a  bad mood but that’s wrong depression is mental condition with symptoms that you can get diagnosed with

If you ever feel like you suffer from any depression symptoms such as feeling hopeless and worthless losing interest in things you used to enjoy please get help from a professional or from someone you trust

Suicidal thoughts:

You may suffer from suicidal thoughts at some point in your life, but don’t worry almost every had these thoughts, you may feel like you are hopeless and feeling life is pointless, felling like you are useless and unwanted by others but always remember not act on these thoughts because it will eventually get better, like everyone before you did with proper help and self care


Anxiety is a  feeling of worry and fear, everyone feels anxious at some point in their life so you are nit alone, you could feel anxious before an exam or a job interview.

Try to talk about your feelings to someone you trust like a friend or a family member to help with your anxiety, or you can try to do breathing exercises.

Do not focus on thongs you cannot change, focus your time and energy into helping your self to get better and try not to use alcohol or drugs as these can make your situation worse.

Body Image Issues:

Body image is what people see them selves at, it doesn’t necessarily mean that others see you the way you see your self, a negative body image is an unrealistic way people see them selves at. Symptoms can include constantly comparing your body to others or feeling envious over a friends body. Negative body image caused by many things but the most common cause is the media promoting unrealistic beauty standards. The problem wont just go by it self so you have to put in effort  to try and make a change and therapy is generally the best option for most people.

You can get help by visiting any of these links: