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menedez brothers

The Menedez brothers, both Lyle and Erik in august 20, 1989 were found guilty of murdering their parents. Jose and Mary were both shot and killed to death in their homes in Beverly hills, the crime scene was described as barbaric and gruesome, according to the police, the killing looked like mob hits.

But the murder was not out of insanity but due to the deep backstory that fuelled their rage despair and resentment towards their parents. The brothers claimed that Jose the father had molested them since they were Children and continued up until they were teens and had one day bended together and confront their father telling him to top the abuse, otherwise the abuse would go public and effectively destroy his reputation as a result, they feared what he might do afterwards and that is what led them to buy guns and murder their parents.

However even after the tragic incident the boys were made of and hated all across the country and here is why: shortly after the death of their fathers, the boys had spent their money on three 15,000-thousand-dollar Rolex, thrown massive parties, travelled and went shopping and it all costed 1 million dollars in total. The brothers moved out of the Beverly hills home and lived in several expensive hotels where they had invited friends to movie nights and many, many other expensive things the boys have done since the death of their parents.

How did they get caught?

They got caught by telling their therapist everything after one of the brothers (Erik) had stress get to them so much it had given him ulcers. Oziel had overheard the taped session and immediately went to the police.