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  • Manga Bazaar Winter 2016
Manga Bazaar Winter 2016

Another Manga Bazaar took place last Sunday, which if you do not know, is an event that happens a few times a year, being hosted at Waterstones in the Trafford Centre, where people who like anime attend as well as a few others. It is not a big event, since Waterstones has a capacity of 250 people for health and safety reasons, although before the event started all 250 tickets were sold. But the next event will be hosted off site, being at “George H Carnall” (M41 7FJ) on August the 21at at 11 AM to 4 PM, only costing £8.

Now onto this event, the usual events of the day took place, being the Cosplay Catwalk (where there were two main photographers with “professional” cameras, one being yours truely), Cosplay and Fanart competition, a quiz, Gaming Zone. Then a new one which changes each event, the Professor Plank’s Pokemon Hunt where the objective was “Grab a Pokedex and track down our 50 Pokemon hiding somewhere in store to win a little Pokemon mascot of your own!”.

Manga Bazaar Winter 2016

Once these events took place, people socialized and photographers took people for various types of shoots outside Waterstones. one having a lighting set up with tripods, then another just with his DSLR and flash light on his hot shoe. The prizes were announced for the various competitions and the raffle, then a group picture was taken before the event finished.


If you would like to keep updated on news for Manga Bazaar, you can follow the Facebook page here, then if you would like to see more photos, you can either go to my album here, or see my friend Tim Roberts cat walk or 1-1 photos on the links attached. Also you get 10% off on the night on manga as well as a “passphrase” to use in store for the same discount up to a certain date (this event being up to the Oct 31st).

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