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  • Manchester United history
Manchester United history

Manchester United history

Manchester United early history started off at the rail works in Manchester; when a group of rail workers had a passion for football

They started playing against other rail works departments.

Manchester United FC history

Manchester United was formed because Manchester City was a catholic team when it first started.  City was already around when Manchester United was formed but you could only play if you were catholic, then Manchester united made a team to get everyone United.

Manchester united had a disaster in Munich when the British European Airways flight crashed from its third attempt to take off on the plane was the Manchester United football team and the supporters and journalist 20 of the 44 people aboard died some being seriously injured.

Blog Story 1: Best players ever played

Arguably the best in the world Cristiano Ronaldo was the best player that ever played for Manchester united he started off as a teenager.

Cristiano Ronaldo started off at sporting Lisbon before making a move to Manchester United life was hard for Cristiano Ronaldo he came from a poor family living in tough conditions.

Cristiano is even sometimes compared to George best who sadly passed away in 2005.

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