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Manchester Night Life

Manchester Night Life

Manchester’s night life is basically just as busy as it’s daytime. Manchester has one of the strongest music clubbing scenes in the whole country and Manchester also comes with one of the largest population of students which means there is so many things on offer with cheap student nights. But if you prefer a quieter night out in town, then Manchester also has a lot of bars.

The northern quarter

Whilst Manchester northern quarter is fast being discovered by the hordes, there are still a variety of independent bars which still haven’t been branded as ‘mainstream’. The biggest concentrartion of the bars in the northern quarter are around the Thomas street crossroads, but you can also walk over to Oldham street which you will be rewarded with some great bars, clubs and a slightly more relaxed vibe.


As a student, you probably won’t have much need or desire to drink on Deansgate. But if you do fancy blowing your loan on overpriced drinks and footballer-spotting, head to WAGtastic bars such as The Living Room, Panacea (on John Dalton Street just off Deansgate) or Cloud 23, 23 floors up the landmark Hilton Tower.