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  • LGBT: Overview & Thoughts
LGBT: Overview & Thoughts

The day before this post, there was a discussion in a tutorial session about LGBT, where there were mixed option. Today I would like to raise more awareness for it, as well as my own personal thoughts.

If you did not know, LGBT stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, you might know what these terms mean, but I will explain them in my own way, just encase, as well as other terms associated with LGBT, as well as sexuality (if I miss any, or you want more information, either comment or contact me). But first I should make it clear there are usually two main categories, your identity, who you are, then your orientation, who you are attract to (if you are).

Homosexual (orientation): Someone who is attracted to the same sex (gender).
Hetrosexual (orientation): Someone who is attracted to the opposite sex (gender).
Lesbian (orientation): A homosexual woman (LGBT).
Gay (orientation): A homosexual  (LGBT).
Bisexual (orientation): Someone who is attracted to both Male and Female people (LGBT).
Transgender (identity): A person who has been born in the wrong gender and is the latter (for example born female, but is physiologically male), which still applies even before they have any operations (LGBT).
Cisgender (identity): Someone who conforms with the gender they are born with, the opposite of Transgender.
Gender Fluid (identity): Someone who can change between Transgender and Cisgender on a daily basis and in-between.
Non-binary (identity): Someone who does not conform to either the “standard” Male or Female gender.
Asexual: Someone who is not or not easily attracted to people (regardless of gender).
Demisexual (orientation): Someone who only becomes attract to people after a strong emotional attachment.
(orientation): Someone who is not limited to attraction by gender, being different from Bisexual, due to that only being the two genders.
Polysexual (orientation): Someone who is not limited to attraction by gender EXCEPT maybe one (maybe they will only date; Transgender, Female and in-between, but not Males).
Sapiosexual (orientation): Someone who is attracted to intelligence.
Hermaphrodite: Someone who is physically born with both genitalia (Male and Female).

Now that I have defined those terms, some people might be confused, one of the subjects that was not understood yesterday was Transgender people. I personally have more than 4 friends who are Transgender and I understand then as well as what they go through, by having many discussions with them personally. But many people will think, and I know quite a few, that they (a Transgender person) is what genitalia they have, which is incorrect, they are what they feel.

Then other people know what being gay is, but oppose it and disagree that gay people should be able to legally get married, like a man and a woman can do. Which might come down to many reason, one being their upbringing, which I personally believe might come down to the traditions of religion/culture and how easy the person can be manipulated from birth (to think gay people are wrong).

Either way people do appose it and I am definitively not one of them, one hypothetical question that was put to me yesterday was “If a very good male friend of yours you’ve know a long time, proposed to you, would you say yes?” (paraphrasing) and I said under certain conditions (being I like them a lot), I would say yes (myself being Pansexual/Demisexual).

But I also believe if two people love each other, what is there to stop them getting married, a man and a woman that are not as happy together than a hypothetical gay couple, can get married, yet the gay couple cannot (in some places in the world and in the minds of many), why is that? They make each other happy, why should they not be able to get married? Some people may say “it’s not natural”, what is, are pharmacists natural? No, they do not grow in nature and supply drugs to make you well (and live longer), so what is natural? Well getting back to my point before, I believe it does come down to religion/culture in most circumstances (as well as how easy the person is to manipulate at a young age).

Also to dismiss that point even more (that homosexuality  is “not natural”), is that it’s not just in the few hundred years that homosexuality has become a thing, homosexuality even existed in ancient Greece, where many philosophers, one being Plato, explored aspects of same-sex love.

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