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Legal Hacking


When you think of hacking almost instantly you will think of someone bad however in some cases companies will hire people with the skills of hacking to try hack there systems and when they do they will ask them to fix the vulnerability this can be a high paid job.

Legal hacking is becoming popular due to technology becoming much more advance every day there will always be people who are coming up with new ways of hacking a companies network or your own computer at home. This is why people learn how to hack but use it for self defence such as protecting there own computer by thinking like a malicious hacker so they know how to protect against there attacks.

However there are a lot of restrictions on hacking as it is a dangerous area of computing which can cause complete chaos such as if someone hacked the US power grid and could easily shut it down so no Americans will have electricity so legal hacking or ethical hacking can be a very good job but you must be careful of what you are doing and know the rules.

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