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  • Left 4 Dead Developers are Back with More Zombies
Left 4 Dead Developers are Back with More Zombies

The developers of Left 4 Dead (Turtle Rock Studio’s) has created a new zombies game that has become a very popular game with YouTubers and streamers. The game is called Back 4 Blood and is similar to Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead  however it has many changes and additions. In Back 4 Blood the types of zombies are Stingers, Snitchers, Tallboys, Reekers and Ogres.

The Snitcher is dangerous because when it is disturbed it will scream and summon a hoard of zombies. This can include more specials as well. The Ogre has an immense amount of health because it is one of the two boss type zombies in the game. Its attacks do insane damage, one of its attacks is a sweeping attack which covers a large area. It also has a projectile attack where it throws a large ball of flesh. If a player runs inside a building it will reach inside and try to grab them to pull them out.

The stinger is a very fast and mobile. While still being predominantly ranged enemies and have slightly more health than base zombies. The Tallboy is a special zombie with an oversized right arm which is used to crush the players. It’s only ability is to slam the floor with the large arm. This deals a large amount of damage to the players. The Reekers are a special family of zombies with two kinds of zombie. These zombies are called the Exploder and the Retch. They are both large zombies that explode upon death.

To buy Back 4 Blood go to Back 4 Blood

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