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League of Legends

League of Legends

Players are formed into two teams of five different champions. All the champions can divide into five different types, which are Magic champion, attack damage carry (ADC) champion, support champion, tank champion and jungles champion. Since August 2013, there are 115 different champions for player to choose.

PVP mode is you set a room to invent your friends come to play together, or you can play alone with other player you don’t know. Than choose your champion and lock in, wait for game loading to 100% and game will start. The most important thing to win the game is teamwork. Rank mode- when you up to level 30 you could play rank game, it’s same like PVP mode. Every level 30 player can set a rank team. When you win rank match, you also can win same score, the higher score player’s name will post in the game web site.

Every year this game will has a World champion ship match, in 2015 this match will play in the Germany. the champion of the team could won a lots of money as well.


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