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  • Konosuba A Summary And Review
Konosuba A Summary And Review

, a Summary and review. An anime in the genre Isekai (reincarnation) and comedy. 

Konosuba Front Cover

Konosuba Front Cover source:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KonoSuba

The story of Kazuma a “shut-in neet” who spent his life in his room playing video games. As he goes out to buy a new game, he dies of shock because a truck was speeding towards him while he tried to save a cat in the road. He gets reincarnated in a Fantasy world by a Goddess called Aqua. 

When given the choice to bring something into the fantasy world(such as magic items) he chooses the Goddess. Soon he realizes it wasn’t a very good choice as he names her a “useless goddess” that always causes problems for him and puts him into a very large debt. 

He then recruits more useless party members called Darkness (which is a knight that can’t hit the enemy) and a mage called Megumin who can use very powerful magic, however, can use it once a day. These are the main characters who go on the adventures where only misfortune awaits.

This anime has its own humourit’s very dumb however you just can’t stop watching over the span of two seasons Kazuma and his party go on many adventures and all episodes are bound to make you laugh. It’s an anime adaptation from the manga. There are also some games from the Konosuba series available on consoles.

Personally, I couldn’t help but binge-watch the first season, the intriguing characters have depth and their own very specific personalities. All of the comedic episodes keep me coming back for more. The seasons have 10 episodes each with an OVA each. 

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