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Jet Suit Paramedics


In England, tests were done in the Lake District. To find a new means of transport for paramedics in places where there are no roads or no means of access by car. The mode of transport tested was a jet suit. A single paramedic could reach anywhere in the lake district quickly and efficiently. We can’t let our technology outdated as it will put more lives at risk. With such technology, we can increase the number of people saved.

This futuristic mode of transport could be implemented as soon as the next decade. The tests were positive as to get to a hill on foot would take upwards of 30 minutes however with a jet suit it would take less than 5 minutes. This suit can land with pinpoint accuracy and scale mountains within minutes. This speed allows the paramedics to get to the patients faster therefore means they can save more lives. 

A single suit costs upwards of £350,000. Which is quite a hefty price however it does not compare to the price of a paramedic helicopter and the cost that goes into maintaining one. This is one of Gravity Industries creations that can revolutionize how paramedics get to patients in difficult to reach areas within minimal time. There are many positive reviews on this method of transport and could be soon implemented.

You can find some videos containing the paramedic suits on Gravity Industries Instagram. –  https://www.instagram.com/takeongravity/