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  • Is VR dangerous to the health of users?
Is VR dangerous to the health of users?

Users of VR could be in danger from damage to eye sight. Other users of VR have started to report a slow deterioration to their vision over time when they have continued use of VR. Also, when people have used VR for an extended period of time they have said that after they have removed the headset that they have felt disorientated and sick. At worst, some people have reported that using the VR has caused them to have seizures.

As well as this, while in VR the user is at risk of injury to the body. Because the user has no way to see their surroundings they can walk into them or hit their belongings. This could break them causing the owner to have to pay for a replacement item or it could cause bodily harm to the user because it could be a sharp object. Previous users have suffered broken bones, torn ligaments and electric/static shocks.

However, bodily harm is as a result of the user not the VR and can be avoided. As such people who are mindful of where they are while in the VR are at no risk to bodily harm.

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