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  • Is Ioannis Ntizoglou The Unknown Soldier?
Is Ioannis Ntizoglou The Unknown Soldier?

The Unknown soldier

The tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a war memorial dedicated to the Greek soldiers that died in the Crimean war. The tomb was sculpted by Fokion Rok between 1930-1932. The memorial is outside the Old Royal Palace. The tomb is guarded by the Evzones. The Evzones are the Greek youth that has to do their national service they are usually between the ages of sixteen to twenty.

The Evidence

On the 6 of November 2015, Ioannis Ntizoglou made a Wikipedia post claiming to be the Unknown Soldier. This is physically impossible due to his young age as Ioannis cannot be more than 45 years of age. The Unknown Soldier would be at least two hundred years of age.

Ioannis even has a picture of the “unknown soldier” which has a resemblance to him which means that the soldier could be a relative of Ioannis Ntizoglou. This is more likely than the fact that he is actually the Unknown Soldier. However, the image that he has could be photoshopped which would mean the image is not real. Furthermore, it could mean that Ioannis could be lying to us all about his possible relation to the Unknown Soldier from Greece.

Seeing as nobody alive today is a survivor of the Crimean war there is nobody to confirm or deny Ioannis’ claim it is possible that Ioannis could have found this photo in a relative’s house in an old trunk or in an old photo album.

Although when going to the metadata it does say that the software used was Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows). Additionally, this suggests that he could have used Photoshop to edit a picture of himself and give it a rocky texture. In contrast, he used it to get rid of the background which would have exposed him as a fraud. Ioannis is that skilled that he could have even done both to throw us off. Leave you opinion in the comments below.

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