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Iranian Culture

Iranian Culture

Iran is a country located in the middle east the neighbouring are Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey. Iran was once known as Persia back when they had their empire that started at 550 B.C and ended in 336 B.C. The Persian Empire ruled for around 200 Years, and it was well known for its military strength and mass armies at its wise rulers command. During the 200 years that Persia ruled it conquered southern parts of Egypt, east parts of India and some parts of Greece.

Between 490-479 B.C, the war between Greece and Persia for several years some victories claimed by the Greeks and some victories were claimed by the Persians.  In 485 B.C Darius dies which brings Xerxes to rule which he continues the war with Greece and burns down Athens, however, is defeated in Salamis and soon after in 465 B.C Xerxes was assassinated. Another big event in Persian history is when Darius the 3rd takes over Persia and when  Alexander the Great of Macedonia invades Central Asia. Darius the 3rd  loses three battles and finally defeated in 331 and with that The Persian Empire is no more but will always remain in the proud Iranians history and will continue to pass on to the future generations.

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