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Illegal Hacking

Illegal Hacking

Hacking in most cases is highly illegal and  if you get caught hacking you can be put in prison and heavily fined. A lot of illegal hacking happens every day and a lot of hackers avoid being caught by using new tools and tricks that they invent every day a popular tool is a proxy which masks your IP address making it look like you are some where else.

There are many tools hackers use to hack in to a system a famous password hack is brute force which will try several different combinations of passwords until it finds your password that is why a lot of websites make you have capital letters and numbers because this makes it much more difficult for the program to guess your password.

A way for a hacker to take control of your computer is a R.A.T (Remote administration software) this allows them to completely take control of your computer from looking at your screen to looking through your webcam. They do this by getting the user to click on a link which downloads a program on to the victims computer or it might look legit but really it is malicious.

A way to prevent all of this from happening is using anti-virus software and keep it up to date also do not click on any links you do not know of and do not click on links anyone sends you unless you are expecting it and you trust the link.

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