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  • How to use spellchecker
How to use spellchecker

How to use spellchecker

What is spellchecker?

Spell checker is a tool within the Microsoft office programs. It checks the writing you have done for any incorrect spelling , punctuation or grammar. If any is found it gives you the option to change them by offering you a wide variety of different options.

This becomes very useful for people who may have difficulty spelling words or a user who just may have to proof read there own text, but spell checker can also be wrong meaning that you should always check before and after spellchecker makes a change to your piece of work.

Where to find spellchecker

Spellchecker can be found either in the review tab (located on the toolbar) or on the information bar at in the bottom left corner. The icon on the review bar has to different settings. Ticked and crossed out , the ticked version means that there is no changes to be made where as the crossed out one means they have spelling suggestions to make.

both of the spellcheckers are exactly the same and do the same job with the same outcome. They are always located in the same place as well no matter which Microsoft office software you may be using to complete your work.

Other features

Spell checker also gives you the option of adding words to the dictionary so they recognise them as a word. This becomes useful when names and other text are not understood by word and are constantly being told that they are incorrect. This can be done by right clicking the text it is questioning and selecting the add to dictionary option.

As well as the dictionary option there is also a thesaurus. A thesaurus suggests different words that have the same meaning for example : motorbike = motorcycle. This can become very useful when you see yourself using the same word over and over again.

Bad points of spellchecker.

Spellchecker can often change words so that don’t make sense meaning that you may end up with sentences with random words in it. This is when all  your work is completed , you should proof read it to make sure that everything’s correct. Another bad point is that sometime when you write a sentence , word checker will underline it and tell you “fragment , consider revising”. This often can be annoying and mean that it constantly tell you your work is incorrect.