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how to get better quality sleep


How section

Getting critical sleep is absolutely vital and I am going to show you how to get better quality sleep within just a few days even if not all steps are followed (these are science and anecdotal evidence backed up process).

Sleep at the exact same time

Sleeping at the exact same time enables your body to create a set routine for the stages within your sleep and promotes deep sleep which is where your body really gets its full rest. Due to this you end up waking up feeling refreshed and renewed and would have released a lot of growth hormones which is good for your health which Is  especially good for growing teenagers, this is why sleep is so vital for people who are underage and teenage.

Sleep at a reasonable time

Again, if you sleep earlier, you can increase non-REM sleep and get a longer session of sleep in which is always much better, sleeping at around 10 and under will again, allow longer session of non-REM deep sleep and you can naturally wake up earlier which is a benefit to the those who are early birds.to sleep earlier simply pick a reasonable time that makes you sleepier but also is not a time where you are naturally still fully awake, the sweet spot will be between those times.

Create sleep routine

To create a good sleep routine, you need to have a routine that is 1-2 hours before the sleeping schedule, this will enable the routine to have a good amount of effect no matter how bad it may be (provided you have a non-stimulating routine), make sure to have no stimulating task within your routine (no phones, no sports..), eating before the routine is also good but a cup of tea for the routine is also good because it is relaxing, which is what you want, a relaxing routine that slows you down and makes you drowsy.

Temperature check

Contrary to popular belief, cold temperatures are your default mode for when you want to go to bed. This is because the bodies natural temperature is about 15 – 19 celsius everyday, so if you decrease the room temperature to a cool to cold one it will give you a better quality of sleep (deeper sleep to be more specific) and also reduce the chances of you getting insomnia, which will have a bad effect on your sleep.



After just 24 hours of no sleep, coordination, memory, and judgement are all negatively affected. Then comes 36 hours come after and your physical health starts to deteriorate- your hormones become seriously affected and makes your hormones go all over the place, 48 hours after your body starts going into microsleeps and they won’t even know that they are happening, they start to have disorientations which involves the person frequently staring off into the distance blankly and they need to keep a conscious effort to not do so. 72 hours in and you will begin to experience hallucinations and have major cognitive deficits- concentration, motivation, perception, and other cognitive activities start to be decline significantly after 72 hours of no sleep. 4 days after no sleep a human becomes non-functional and after 11 days of no sleep a human will die

It’s quite obvious that sleep is vital to our health and no getting it or a lack of it is detrimental to our physical and mental well-being as humans but if we do get good sleep our body responds accordingly. A study in 2017, a consistent time schedule of good sleep has shown to improve sleep in those who took language and math exams.

Sleep produces testosterone for the male human body and a good quantity of it as well. Those who are looking to help grow their muscles and get them to recover as much as possible, they should start taking sleep a lot more seriously due to its recovering nature, anabolic and testosterone producing effects. Studies have actually also shown that not enough sleep actually shows catabolic effects that promote more fat, which is the last thing that a person who is into athletics would want.