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How to be a software engineer?

If you want to become a software engineer read this guide:

What is a software engineer?

Software engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining systems to specific needs and requirements, they are also responsible for writing programs and designing code for software and hardware systems, you may use programming codes such as java or C# also you’ll have to make recommendations for future developments by researching and designing new programs and operating systems and regularly looking for software defects by maintaining and monitoring computer systems.

What are the skills required?

Technical skills is knowing the specific skills needed for software engineer or a specific task those skills include the ability to co code in different coding languages such as Python and C++. This skill is very important because that is the most important skill needed to do tasks that are specific to software engineering.

Working procedures is the ability to follow rules and guidelines to avoid causing any inconvenience or damage if not done within the rules those rules include following the dress code and a wearing a security badge. These skills are very important because responsible employees that follow the rules and complete tasks in a specific established manner are the reliable good software engineers.

Health and safety is the knowledge on how to stay safe and healthy when working. This is done by following the rules and knowing when to stop working to stay safe those rules include not allowed to use a computer with any type of food or drink or knowing where the fire exits are. This is very important because employees need to know how to stay safe and healthy and avoid injury or damage.

Determination is being able to focus on completing your task and not change it or give up. This skill is very important for Software engineers because employers need software engineers that can complete their task successfully on time with no problems for example to develop and create software systems and constantly trying to find problems and bugs to solve them.

Self-motivation is the drive that motivates and pushes you to achieve your goals. This skill is very important   because to it creates an environment that helps team members to do difficult tasks for long periods of time for example motivating yourself to work on a computer for long hours non-stop on one task because losing motivation causes you to hate your job and therefore not meet the expectations.

Confidence is the belief that someone can achieve their goals or the reliance and trust on someone to do a task. This is very important for software engineers because it establishes a strong relationship between the manager and team, and it helps and individual to stay on task and be determined on completing developing computer systems and being up to date with the newest technology.

Creativity is the ability to come up with new original ideas. This is a very important skill for software engineers because when creating games or web designing new ideas need to be created in order for the product to be successful for example thinking of new ideas to implement on your software system.

Time management is the ability to use time effectively and productively for example creating a schedule by organising your day. This skill is very important for software engineers because they are going to have to develop systems and doing coding for hours and that needs to be done on time to meet the deadline.

Problem solving is the ability of finding solutions and solving problems. This skill is very important for software engineers because they are going to face a lot of different difficult challenges and problems that need to be solved to achieve their goals for example looking through the code to find errors and correct those errors to get rid of glitches and bugs.

Interpersonal skills are the skills that we use every day in order to communicate and interact with people. Those skills include sharing, cooperating, listening, good manners and teamwork. These skills are very important for software engineers because it helps to create a good functioning team for example software engineers work in teams that work on the same project simultaneously and that requires good interpersonal skills to work together and create and develop the software systems.

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Written by Oussama Mahrouk