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  • How Esports And Gaming Has Changed
How Esports And Gaming Has Changed

What are the benefits of gaming?

Many questions have arisen to why gaming is useful for people. Some people would ask specifically what are the benefits of gaming. To that we say this; there are many benefits for gaming this includes health. It can be things like lowering stress, casual games like Minecraft and Roblox are popular choices because they are peaceful. Eyesight is also a benefit of gaming; many games will have the user look at the key details and figure out if there meant to be there, spot the difference is the best example. In FPS games players can tell the difference in colour contrast and point out that they are looking at another player. The most common point thrown around about gaming is that is helps with hand-eye co-ordination. This is more for the PC gamers who don’t have to look at their mouse and keyboard to see what button they are pressing. Critical thinking is also a benefit because players are always met with problems that have to be analysed, solved and performed at extreme speeds within a moment’s notice and has to be done multiple times within the same round and hundreds of times within the same session.a guy playinga game

Why is eSports popular?

Esports is just like any other type of sport they have teams and them teams will have people who have a quarrel with them a perfect example of this is a G2 Esports and FNATIC they have had a quarrel with each other since they got founded which is back in 2014. Unlike regular sports though these teams will be the same in every game but different players. Most organisations have teams in almost all big FPS (First Person Shooters) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) games. In football they have leagues like the Barclays Premier League in games these are the EU/NA/APAC/SA leagues. They all compete in a table and if you get 1st you qualify for the majors and internationals like UEFA and Championship. These tournaments can have millions of viewers.

What are the most popular games for eSports?

games can be popular for a while then drop off however games like CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) have lasted for years when it comes to eSports and gaming. CS:GO is known as the father of eSports as it has hosted many tournaments over its lifetime. Other games have also became well known in the scene games such as; League of Legends, Dota 2, StarCraft 2,and Hearthstone. These games have very high prize pools, these can be as small as £100000 to £1000000. In CS:GO the prize pool for each major since 2016 has been £1000000. Dota 2  have kept their prize pools above $10 million they have been doing this since 2014 and the amount just keeps increasing.

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