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  • How does apple keep their success going?
How does apple keep their success going?

As we all know Apple is one of the most successful brands in the world. Why is that?, How did they manage to do this?

Apple has a tactic that works every year better and better. As they made a perfect iPhone by the saying of most people, Apple doesn’t want to change it in any major way, as it may affect how to product is selling. From the times of iPhone X and 11 there weren’t as many changes in the design as other competitors, because there is no point changing a product that is already successful and that is the mind set apple has, small changes lead to big money. They always base on making a simple user interface so everyone can understand clearly how things work.

Apple is the leader in the mobile phones industry, other brands may have higher selling but apple got this recognition of the top company as seen many companies copy apple. When apple started not placing charges in the box other companies started doing that as well, for the only reason being is making more money. Things like design etc. iPhone was a very revolutionary device for its time and Steve jobs knew that full touch screens will be our future.

Clearly apple knows what it’s doing and they are doing it in a smart way so all I can say is keep going.



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