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History of planes

History of planes

There have been many planes that have either failed or succeeded in taking to the skies.

The largest commercial aircraft that is still active is the Airbus A380, this aircraft has two decks which allows a maximum capacity of 835 passengers. The airline company with the biggest fleet of A380 is Emirates they have ordered 200 A380s and 140 have been delivered, to cope with the huge capacity Dubai International Airport built a terminal that was able to take the A380s.

At the start of the 787s service there were a couple of major hiccups. A lithium battery had failed and caught fire, Boeing© decided to ground all of their dream liners© to find out what caused the battery to fail and to see how to fix the problem. A similar incident happened in 1979 with a McDonald Douglas DC-10s pylon and engine was damaged, the pylon was damaged by a maintenance crew decided to take a couple of shortcuts but by doing this they damaged the pylon causing the engine to dismount whilst the plane was taking off. The (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration decided that there would be some new maintenance tasks would be introduced to make sure that no other aircraft will suffer the same as the DC-10.