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Good SEO in Posts

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Today I will teach you how to create a post using Wordpress that has good SEO (search engine optimisation), using an example of a post I will publish just before doing so with this one.

The first thing you will need is a title:

Good SEO

Next you will want to check the SEO Title, make sure it is not too long, like here:

Screenshot (135)

If so, try to shorten it, like shown below:

Screenshot (136)

Then you will want to ensure that the slug, which will follow the url of your blog, is relatively short and good.

Screenshot (137)

Next you want to set the category of the post.

Screenshot (139)

After this you will add tags, which will help tremendously when publishing to social media like Twitter.

Screenshot (140)

Next is the all important keyword, try to keep it to a word or two, which is one that is in your title, as well as will be repeated in your post a number of times (but not too much).

Screenshot (141)

After the focus keyword is the Meta keyword, which is especially important for SEO, to allow users to find your post via searching what you set as your Meta keywords. I would suggest using what you used as tags also.

Screenshot (142)

Then it is onto the featured image, hat will be shown with the post. The best way to go about it, is to search your focus keyword on Google, but ensure that you search “reuse”, in the search tools, to avoid breaking copyright laws.

Screenshot (143)

Once you find an image you like, download/save it.

Screenshot (144)

Once you have done that, you want to set your featured image, then upload the image you have just downloaded.

Screenshot (145)

Also ensure that the “Alt Text” contains your focus word, which it will not by default.

Screenshot (146)

Once you have done this, you can then start writing your post.

Screenshot (147)

After writing your first few sentences, you want to set the Meta description, which will be a copy and paste of the beginning of your post, with a Ellipsis (“…”) at the end, but ensure that the bar is not in the red (going over the character limit).

Screenshot (148)

Also if possible do find a place you could add a relative hyperlink.

Screenshot (150)


Once you have done all of this, as well as have wrote a post of 300 word (although could get away with 150 with this good a SEO, making a post with only okay SEO), you will have created a post with good SEO.