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  • Game Idea: Leið (Story Line and Analysis)
Game Idea: Leið (Story Line and Analysis)

For my ICT Course in one of my Units I generated my Computer Game Idea: Leið, I wrote a 3000 word idea generation and uploaded it to my blog here. Now I will explain the refined story line and analyse the game idea in general. If you are wondering why I chose the title “Leið”, it is because it’s a Norse word (which I like the mythology of), which translates into journey (listed as one of the 4 translations of the word “journey” in this pdf document), or sometimes it even translates into path.


Game Idea: Leið (Story Line and Analysis)

Game Idea: Leið (Story Line)

I have thoroughly thought out the beginning of my game, you start the game in a FMV on your ship, you (Gumi) are talking to Kona then a few seconds later you experience a rumble on your ship. A second after this you see a bright orange/red flare (that being a solar flare), your machine starts beeping and error messages show up on the displays with a red hue. You quickly decide with Kona to use the last piece of control you have over the ship to direct it into the pathway of Fjarri, after this decision just before you start to plummet into the atmosphere you convince Kona to be launched in the only working life pod, this is crucial for the story line (still a FMV so it is out of your control).

As you are plummeting you strap into your seat holding a picture of Kona then you black out, you do become conscious for a few seconds before passing out twice. For this brief few moments you are conscious; you first see a robot with a bright light for an eye scanning you. Within a second of it scanning you, you see a bullet traveling towards the robots head, as it shatters through its head and chaos occurs you pass out again. The second time you wake up for a brief few seconds you are in a pickup truck, traveling towards a small town, you see the sand trail behind you and the townspeople in the truck.

The third time you wake up, you are in a chair being looked at by one of the villagers that saved you, he also turns out to be a doctor, he has healed any scars from the wreckage and healed you in general. He starts talking to you and takes you through the basic tutorial process of the game.  After the tutorial, you are given a signature knife and pistol alongside some other items such as medicine.  Then you are ready for your journey ahead.

You are given many side missions that can be completed for rewards and items, but the main quest first requires you to find the location of where Kona’s pod landed. This is not as easy as thought since any trace has disappeared by now and you only have a rough idea of where it is, you must find the exact location by asking people you’ll meet on your journey.

After you find Kona’s pod you discover it has disappeared, but you do see wheel tracks in the sand leading somewhere, you need to follow them. After you do follow them, over a hill, you see a medium sized base packed with Herlið (enemies), you will need to come up with a plan to fight them. The ideal way to achieve this is to become the leader of one of the gangs (Meinsamr or Allharðr), to do this you will need to complete a few quests for them (this gives you a better repuatation with the different gangs). After you do this you should have a small army ready to attack Herlið’s (enemies) base.

At the end of the games story line I want Gumi in his current state (updated by what’s happening in game, he could have been cut in various areas or have bullet wounds, but primitively he is not in his best condition, since he’s fought through a military-like base), finds Kona in near perfect condition being scanned in a machine pod (not the one she crash landed in) and whilst chaos is going on around him he picks her back up and lets her open her eyes. Once her eyes are open half a second goes by where she looks at the state of Gumi and hugs him, Gumi picks her up and carries her out of the base whilst their are corpses of Herlið lying around, dead and he is walking through a path of fire.

Game Idea: Leið (Analysis)

My games story for Leið has been thoroughly thought out as you can see above (600+ words), it has an interesting storyline, which should leave players emotional at the end of the game (similar to some Final Fantasy endings, like in Final Fantasy VII, Zack’s Death). This is due to the possibility that Kona could be dead by the time you get to her depending on player variables.

I have also gave the players multiple options on how to complete the game, the player will be awarded (by achievements, on steam, Xbox Live, PSN, and also a Easter egg in the credits) if they do not kill a single person (NPCs can be tranquilized and this will not count as a kill). This feature has been inspired by other games, but it’s main influence is from Deus Ex, which is one of my top 10 games because of this feature, and it will, in-turn enhance my game.

Although I have thoroughly thought out my games storyline for Leið, I have really only thought about it generally, in some aspects I have gone into detail, such as the FMVs, but aspects like the maps and mission objectives I have only spoke/thought about it generally. This leaves holes in my game which still need to be thought out, but it makes it creates a negative part of my game since these, smaller, details have not been thought out thoroughly.

As for what I have talked about in this article (the positives & negatives of my game).  I think I could improve the middle section of my game’s story.  I have only said there is one place to go, and that’s where Kona’s pod landed. I could improve this part of my game by adding a more in-depth story, more missions to discover Kona’s pod, or the location of Herlið ‘s base.

One thing about my game’s story that would disappoint if it was released is the lack of ability to play after the games main story has finished. I planned for this, and I have played similar games where this is present, so to combat this I have took inspiration from Fallout 3 (which is enjoyable even if you can’t play after the end, and have to load to a previous save). In my game there will be DLC (Downloadable Content).  When you finish the games initial storyline, after DLC is installed, you can continue the game with another main mission (this new main mission will depend on the DLC).

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