• Fun android apps
Fun android apps


There are many fun android games out there that are fun and entertaining.

Android apps vary and they come in different categories; action, adventure, RPG and many more.

The most known and most downloaded games on android phones are:

clash of clans

calsh of clans

clash of clans is a fun, exciting and somewhat addictive game as it will keep you right in the action where you will have to build and destroy other players war bases to get loot and elixirs to upgrade your own war base and gain new troops and make better defenses.

clash of clans trailer

Asphalt 8


asphalt 8 a fun multiplayer game that consists of races around the world in famous city’s like London, Tokyo and many more capitals. this game is full of new and exciting cars that resemble the real ones giving you the best experience ever on an android phone also this game is the closest we can get to a console game, graphic and game play wise.

Asphalt 8 trailer

Dead trigger 2

dead trigger 2

dead trigger 2 is a fun and exciting game that will keep you on your toes.

dead trigger 2 is a zombie apocalypse pandemic game that forces you to survive through waves of undead who are after your brain. This is also a FPS game (first person shooter) and this game is the closest android game to a console FPS game out there.

Dead trigger 2 trailer

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