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  • Free Guy Trailer
Free Guy Trailer

Free guy is a movie about a guy in a blue shirt who is an NPC (non-playable character). In the game, Guy goes rogue and helps out the other NPC’s and take out the players. This is ruining the game which is known as Free City for the actual players. 

The Main Characters

The main character guy is played by the actor Ryan Reynolds. He has been in many films such as Deadpool, Detective Pikachu and Green Lantern. Ryan’s latest character Guy is a bank teller who is fed up of doing the same thing day in and day out and decides one day to change things and stood up to one of the players robbing the bank and killed him accidentally and took his glasses.

Guy uses the glasses to see the world around him from the players perspective. The player who was robbing the bank broke Guy’s nose but then Guy killed him. This enabled guy to find a health pack and fix his broken nose. Guy manages to find a gamer who he can talk to called Millie. Millie is played by Jodie Comer who plays Villanelle in the show killing Eve. the connection that Millie and Guy seem to share looks to be quite a strong connection even though they have just met. In the game and Guy even kisses Millie’s avatar.

The Characters That Have A Significant Role

Keys is the character that is played by Joe Kearney. Keys takes care of the game and is the one that the real-life Millie tells that guy kissed them in the game Free City. Millie tells him that Guy kissed her in the game and Keys is concerned as there isn’t a button for that. Joe Kearney plays Steve in the hit Netflix show Stranger things. Due to him being in stranger things fans of joe would be more likely to watch the film because he’s in it.

The now free guy causes the owner of the game to want to close the game as Guy is ruining the game. The owner of the game is called Antoine and is played by Taika Waititi. They were also in Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds. There isn’t much known about Antoine as he was barely in the trailer. But due to the trailer, he seems to be the main antagonist of the film. Because of this would make him a character who isn’t liked by many. Consequently, this would make the protagonist more liked by the audience as there would be fewer people who would like Antoine.

Written by Ethan Rogers

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