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  • Fortnite is still insane, it is more than a game!!!
Fortnite is still insane, it is more than a game!!!

Fortnite became a platform over the years, where big companies can make their own Skins, emotes and events in the game. This creates enormous amounts of money for Epic games as a lot of people buy these skins and emotes as they represent their favourite characters from films and their favourite singers. Artists like Marshmallow, Travis Scott etc. had gathered tons of attention to the game and to their own brands. They worked with Samsung to promote the introduction of the Galaxy S9 and S10, which included a K-Pop group called iKON and an in-game skin, as well as Marvel and Disney to promote Avengers: Infinity War, which included a special Infinity Gauntlet item in the game.

Instead of focusing solely on attracting players through gameplay and content, they’ve also turned the game into a virtual music arena and they’re not stopping there. Weezer recently teamed up with Epic Games to create Weezer World an unique map to promote their latest album, which launched exclusively within the map. With players enjoying this type of stuff the company is partnered with Marvel, Dc and other big companies to release new events, skins, emotes etc. Fortnite also partnered with the clothing brand Balenciaga not only to create in game costumes/skins but also real life Fortnite clothes which is very epic. 

This has led to their numerous branded events. As well as the start of their growth as a legitimate platform, similar to Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. With all this additional content the actual gameplay of the game changed. With new guns and new building techniques added to the game. They created different game modes and Limited time events. Overall the game is still doing great and its not planning on dying any time soon. 

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