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  • Fishing is my passion
Fishing is my passion

Fishing is my passion

All around the country, they is little small ponds and lakes that are forgotten, nobody really fishes them and they are not really know because some are in the middle of nowhere. But the fish they can produce is incredible, true specimens. Since you only have to buy a rod licence, the fishing is free because nobody owns the pond or lake (well the council but they do nothing) and the fish are extremely clean, do hook marks and they are in really good condition.

 it might be private fishing but you can have 2 kinds, rather you can do onto a water for 1 day and you will pay the annual of £5-£8 pounds for one rod, this will allow you to fish the water and since the water so regulated and check often, your fish will be nice and clean, that’s what you think. They is also a private water where you will pay an annual fee once a year and you will get a membership and sometimes a key and you’ll think these fish will be in a better condition that the ones that nobody cares about. Wrong. When I went fishing on a free lake, the fish I caught were in better condition that the ones that were owned, so don’t be tricked. You can have a good day on a free water as well as a paid for one, only because you pay for it, doesn’t mean its better.


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