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  • First 10TB HDD by HGST
First 10TB HDD by HGST

The world’s first 10TB HDD has been announced by HGST, the Ultrastar Archive Ha10 SMR, triumphing over their 8TB HDD from 2014 & their 6TB HDD from 2013.

It achieves this by instead of using air inside, it uses helium, this allows increased storage capacity of 40% and reduced power consumption of 23%. Since helium is 1/7th the density air it reduces the drag for the spinning disk stack and the head arms, this reduces the power consumption of the HDD. It allows 40% more storage capacity since the data tracks and disks can be placed closer together, this is because of the reduction in forces buffeting (mentioned above).

HGST has also incorporated more into their new technology, HelioSeal, rather than just introducing helium. They have also combined it with SMR (shingled magnetic recording), a new HDD technology, which rather than records data on parallel tracks, it records it on overlapping. You can read their brief PDF on the official site for their explanation of the HelioSeal technology. In this PDF they also state that the HDD is less prone to risk due to the fact that:

“Many air-filled drives use a breather filter leading to reliability problems when used in environments with high levels of carbon in the air. This problem does not exist with sealed drives” – PDF

Another small benefit of this new HDD containing helium is, compared to a air-filled drive, it is much more thermal conduction effective, allowing the HDD to run cooler by 4° C (7° F). This in turn allows it to be slightly quieter than a traditional air-filled drive.

Although there are clearly many benefits with a helium filled HDD, there’s still an issue with developing a cost effective solution, this is due to the helium needed to be completely sealed into the drive. But is set to lower, their 6TB HDD from 2013 is available for approximately £200 (£217.92 Inc VAT on Scan), when 3 2TB drives (air-filled) will cost you at least approximately £150 (up to around £200).

You can read their full press release on their official site.

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