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Final Fantasy Summons

Final Fantasy Summons

In Final Fantasy a summon can be also called primal, where it is a creature that can be summoned through magic, it can have different elemental attributes as in offence, heal, support or defensive. They are known by their effects on the land weather some are destructive others conceal themselves not causing any problem to the realm, some of the summons have similar aspects to the mythical creatures that were might have knowledge or heard their names, these summons have their elemental attribute. Some of the summonses were being added through the new games added to the series and they might still be counting, as for their attributes and appearance, the producers might surprise us.

  •  Ifrit known as “Lord of Inferno”, fire elemental.
  • Titan, earth elemental.
  • Garuda, wind elemental.
  • Gilgamesh, weapons master.
  • Bismark, known as “The Great White Whale” (this primal actually flies, funny right), Water Elemental.
  • Bahamut, known as “The Dragon King”, it does not have a specific element but uses powerful attacks like Megaflare.
  • Odin, it can be known as “The Demon Knight”, “The Legendary Knight”, it has a powerful sward called Zantetsuken, Lightning elemental.
  • Leviathan, known as “Lord of Waters”, water elemental.
  • Anima, it does not have an element attribute but it generally uses darkness attacks and it looks like it stays on the underworld.
  • Ixion, lightning attribute best ability Thor’s Hammer resembling Lighting similarity of Thor.
  • Fenrir, can be Known as “The Great Silver Wolf”, wind/ice elemental.
  • Diabolos, it does not have an element attribute but usually uses Darkness ability.
  • Kirin, Holy elemental, heals the players.
  • Phoenix, the undying bird has healing abilities but ii is fire elemental.
  • Quetzalcoatl, lightning elemental.
  • Ragnarok, as the appearance of a sword, transforms enemies’ into items.
  • Salamander, the fire elemental Lizard.
  • Seraph, an angelical summon holy elemental, heals the players.
  • Valefor, known has “Hymn of The Faith”, non-elemental.
  • Valigarmanda, summon that attacks with lightning, ice and fire elemental abilities.
  • Shiva known as “Lady of Frost”, looks more human than the other summonses, ice elemental.

New added

  • Ravana, this is a new primal added and it has 4 arms and swords, insect appearance and will be added to the expansion of Final Fantasy Heavensward
  • Good King Moggle Mog XII, it was applied that it is a summon but there are still doubts about this.

The summons may vary in appearance, but they are similar, of course there are more summons available to be listed.

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