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File Formats For Images By Shakeel Uddin

Firstly i will explain all of the image file types such as GIF’s, SWF and state all the advantages and disadvantages of that file type.Also describing how are they being used today.


The first file format i will explain is a GIF which stands for Graphics Interchange Format which is mainly used on the web for animations because of the size of the file therefore people can download this file easily and quickly even with slow internet connection.The advantages of this file is that it can be used on the web,Small format so it’s easy to render and it has no no background.The disadvantage of this file format that it has low color pallet so it’s not good quality image.


The next file is PNG which stands for  portable network graphics. Which is the same as GIF when it comes to functionality. The difference of PNG it has bigger file size which means the quality is better than GIF.The advantages of a PNG is that it can be used on the web and the PNG file format can support a full transparency.A big disadvantage of this file is that GIFs have been around since virtually the start of the world wide web, and are protected/supported by nearly all browsers, unlike PNG is a more recent invention, and the support in older browsers is limited.


JPEG is used to display photographs and other types of images on the internet.The file type has no animation because it is a single layer image.The advantages of this file format is it can be used on the web and the file format can be manipulated easily so the user can manually select.An disadvantage is that the file format does not support full transparency so it will be a white background.


.AI now this stands for Adobe Illustrator the program that is used by both artists and graphic designers to create vector images. These images will then be used for company logos, promotional uses or even personal work, both in print and digital form. But is mainly used for logos as it is a great program designed for logos. The advantages are it comes with a user interface that allows custom viewing and enables space saving. It allows you more flexibility with customizing the work space and Illustrator files are comparatively small in size so allow easy sharing, mailing and use.The disadvantages are it cannot be used on the web.Also to create photo realistic drawings the user must have oodles of patience and a keen eye for detail.


SWF stands for Small Web Format. SWF files contain video and vector based animations and sound and are designed for efficient delivery over the web.The advantages of SWF is it can be used on the web and is vector based. This means that the graphics can be scaled easily, so they can be zoomed in or be fit onto different size screens, and the file will still look very clear and play very smooth.Also SWF is fast loading. But with all the formats though come their disadvantages however, there are not many with SWF but a major one is compatibility. One cannot play an SWF video unless it has Macromedia Flash installed on the computer.


PSD is a proprietary file that allows the user to work with the images’ individual layers even after the file has been saved. When an image is complete, Photoshop allows the user to flatten the layers and convert the flat image into a .JPG, .GIF, .TIFF or other non-proprietary file format so it can be shared. PSD files’ large size and capability to save significant amounts of file information make them an excellent choice for working files. PSD file can preserve layers. Disadvantage only very few other programs will understand open or import psd files.


PDF stands for portable document format. It’s used to capture and sending electronic documents in exactly the intended format. PDF is more secure more flexible because you can use a web browser to view and read it online.The advantages of PDF is it can be used on the web,Quickly/easily created and Compact and able to compress large files.A disadvantage is that PDF is not an editable document format, it cannot be changed, revised or manipulated easily.


CDR is a file extension for a vector graphics file used by Corel Draw, a popular graphics design program. Corel Paint Shop Pro and Adobe illustrator 9. The advantages are CDR files are cheap, has a customisable IQ code and supports various platforms.But cannot be used on the web.


TIFF stands for Tag Image File Format it has the ability to store image data in a loss less format makes a TIFF file a useful image archive, because, unlike standard JPEG files, a TIFF file using loss less compression may be edited and re-saved without losing image quality. This is not the case when using the TIFF as a container holding compressed JPEG.So the advantages are quite clear its uncompressed image retains maximum amount of image data from the camera.Can be compressed to reduce file sizes using mathematical algorithms such as ZIP or TAR without loss of image data.But a good specification computer needed to process and load images.Most website and online images galleries do not support tiff uploading.


The PXR format is compatible with PIXAR computers which are designed to be high-end graphics workstations. Pixar computers are typically used for making 3D images and complex animations.The advantage is that it is compatible with PIXAR workstation like i said.But thats also its disadvantage only specific to PIXAR workstations, no compression.

True 3D Effect:

3D Deadpool

What i did here is that i took a random image from the internet in this case its deadpool and saved the image and opened it on Photoshop. I duplicated the layer of the image by dragging I to duplicate symbol or just right click and press duplicate layer. Select the first layer and unchecked Green and Blue ad on the layer uncheck just the red. Then selecting one of the layers and press the right arrow about three times.

Double Face Exposure:

Double Face Exposer Version 1 By Shakeel Uddin

What i did here is that got two images in this case a mountain and New York City and placed them together to get this effect. Use the magnetic lasso tool and go around the mountain and press enter. After that go to select on the menu tab and click on inverse and press delete which will delete the outside parts you don’t want. And on my city I used the same shape to cut the mountain on the city and then changed the opacity of the top layer to about 50% depending on how you want it to look.

Splash Screen:

Spalsh Screen Version 2 By Shakeel Uddin

What I did here is the exact same process i did with the other effects is that i took an image off the internet and added special effects to it, this is the splash screen effect with other effects.Create two layers one for the image of whatever and one for the splash. Click on the layer of the splash ctrl click on it and go on select on the menu tab ad click inverse. Then click on the second layer which is your image and press delete while its still selected. The click on the eyeball of your top layer to get rid of the picture and you will see he splash. You can effects to it by going on layers, layer style and choose any effects and toggle around with the color.

3D Effect:

Portfolio Part 1 By Shakeel Uddin

Get two pictures that work well with each other like a monitor is a great example for 3d effect as you can make images pop out.You just connect the images and create more than one layers and lasso tool any part you don’t want then the 3d effect will come to appear.

Book logo:

Book logo

Book logo was created for school system that needed a logo.I created this on adobe illustrator using a tutorial on how to create a book on you tube.Eventually using the tutorial I created a book duplicated the book to make a stack of books with different shading and colors.Then i opened my saved work on Photoshop to create the logo which itself has more effects on it than the books itself, with various shadows, strokes , embosses and such.Eventually I created other smaller objects that fit theme of the book like pencils and stick man hanging off to give a friendly impression.

Filter Effect:

Wolverine Filter Effect

Here i used the effects on filters changing different textures,shadows and more to the picture I chose from the internet. Really I just played around with the effect just adding different effects I found and just toggled with them to give an effect that I though is suitable fro this picture.This one is a inked black and white image but i can be anything like a pencil drawing or painted.