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  • File Formats For images by Kieran Jackson
File Formats For images by Kieran Jackson

GIF-   The GIF file is mainly used on the internet, because the file size is extremely low so this is why this file format is used on the internet, they are made up of many Layers.  The image once it is exported the picture will be dead, this picture isn’t the best quality, PNG is the stronger version of this format. There are mainly used on the popular app Tumblr, GIFS are used on this app. The advantages of the format GIF are that it has many file layers ,Can be downloaded on apps and  Can be used on the internet.  the disadvantages of  The file size is extremely low this is why it is used on internet, it also has Small storage.



The PNG is very similar to GIF, but PNG has much better quality to the picture than GIF file.  The quantity is never lost on the image it is still clear. The advantages for  the file format PNG, Because of the many layers It has much better picture quality and Can be used on the internet.  the disadvantages of this file is that the Color is affected when working on the image and that the file Doesn’t support animation.


JPEG is also used on the internet, this also because of the low file size. Only one layer.  This format will not use animation.  Raster image only has one layer.  The advantages of this file is that the Picture is high quality to it; this format is compatible for many devices such as tablets, computers and mobile devices.   the disadvantages You cannot make any animation, but a JPEG is has only one layer. The image is dead.  The background will always be white. Only one layer to the file to so this is also, so you cant able to use different layers.


AI stands for Adobe Illustrator, is for vector files graphics, it is used on the software Adobe Illustrator, it is a mainly a drawing software for artists. Used to create logos.  The images can be easily scaled small and big. You can change size easy without effected the picture quality.   The AI format needs special software to work properly.


SWF is file software for a Shock wave Flash file format. SWF stands for Small Web Format. SWF files can contain video and based animations and sound and are designed for efficient delivery over the web. The SWF is vector graphic and makes it easy to use editing tools, when you zoom the image the picture quality doesn’t change; it’s still as smooth and clear, There aren’t many disadvantages to this type of software; the only main con is that you need to get a certain flash player to use the video.

PSD-  PSD (Photoshop documents )files are mainly used for magazine covers for people to look at, this is able to save layers, Page formatting and key information to be put on to the document,  the advantages of the file PSD  is the images when saved, once it’s saved the image will have no background, it’s also easy to edit and if needed, It’s easy to edit because PSD can save layers for you to go back to and edit if any mistakes were made  the disadvantages of the file PSD, because there is so many layers and information it takes up an awful lot of memory and storage.



PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe systems. PDF allows you to read and find out the best needed document.  You can easily see and view your pages, you can easily see your page numbers and when printed the page numbers will be there.  The advantages of this file is that the file is More flexible, fast and easy it makes sure the software is completely safe from any threats. The software is also very fast, when your o the software it will usually all work smoothly and be fast software to use. The main disadvantage is that the storage is very small; the format doesn’t work with a lot of other formats so it can be hard to sometimes work.


CDR is the default format for the software Corel draw applications, this software is for artists used for drawing and using different color toes to create a final image. They can use PSD files which are extremely handy, you can use a lot of different content, and you can add a lot of different content such as images, information and much more. The isn’t many disadvantages to this file but The disadvantage is that You need specialist software to access the format.


TIFFS are most known to be used for desktop publishing Adobe In Design documents.  TIFFS have the largest file size; companies which want to use large images will use the format of TIFF.   The Advantages of  TIFFS is tat they be can be saved with many page documents, saved without losing the picture quality.  The disadvantages of TIFFS is that they  take up a lot of memory and storage. TIFF needs specialist software to run smoothly.


PXR (Pixar) this file format lets you create 3D images and 2D images, allows you to edit the images, this software has been used to make popular animated films such as toy story and cars. The advantages of this file  that The quality of the picture is high quality and is  HD quality. Makes the animation look realistic and look good, they have a great animation system and it works easily and fast. The main disadvantage is that  the Files are sometimes to large, sometimes you are not able to upload the file onto the internet.

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