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  • File Formats for Images by Josh Rothwell
File Formats for Images by Josh Rothwell

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There are many different types of file formats for images and within this blog post,I will show you a table which contains a lot of different file formats which include advantages and disadvantages.

Image File Type: Where Used: Advantages: Disadvantages:
1.       GIF Mainly on the internet because of the small file sizes. This gives users the availability to download gifs quickly and easily. Multiple layers, so transparent background

Can create an animation

The gifs don’t normally have the best of quality.
2.       PNG Used on the internet, A PNG is the exact same as a gif, except that it is a much better quality than the gifs. They are much better quality than gifs. Bigger files than a gif file, so slower download
3.       JPEG Used on the internet, a JPEG is a dead picture. Unlike GIFS and PNGS, JPEG files only have one layer. Only one layer, so no transparent background If there is no certain background colour, then it will automatically change to white.
4.       .AI An AI. File is used on the program Adobe Illustrator. Don’t risk any loss of copyrights. Cannot access this on the go.
5.       SWF A SWF file is most commonly used with Adobe flash. This includes flash games which are found on the Internet SWF is vector image, so high quality of images In order to view a SWF file, you need Adobe Flash
6.       PSD Used on Adobe Photoshop. This is the common format for Photoshop. You can save large amounts of data with a PSD format Very few softwares understand PSD files, so you will have to convert them
7.       PDF A PDF file is a document formatter which is available on the internet. People can view your work easily People can copy your work without you knowing
8.      CDR A CDR file is the format of the file which is used on the software CoralDRAW. Very good editing software, very professional and high quality. Not available on the internet
9.       TIFF A TIFF file is the same as a PDF file, but this is a vector image where as a PDF is a rasta image Very high quality of image Big file space, so takes a while to download

Not available on the internet

10.   PXR A PXR file is mainly used for graphics and animations, like a SWF file, this is a vector file. It’s a vector file, so it’s great for graphics Not available on the internet, so no one can see your work.




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