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  • File Formats For Images by Connor Davidson
File Formats For Images by Connor Davidson

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This file format is usually used on the web, as it is easy for any computer to render as the file type is very small. One advantage is that it is a small file type, which makes it easy to render. These pictures also don’t have backgrounds, so they can overlap other images. A disadvantage of this file type is the image quality will be lower than other image types, as the colour pallet is a lot smaller.


Portable Network Graphics was made as an improvement the older file format GIF. It is used online for most common images. An advantage for PNG is that it can support full transparency, for example the image can change from fully transparent to full opacity.


JPEG is used within digital cameras and other devices capturing photographic images. This is one of the most common formats. An advantage of this format is easily manipulated which helps the user manually select options. A disadvantage of this file format does not support transparency, so it will be saved with a plain white background.


Adobe Illustrator is used mostly by artists and graphic designers and artists. This can be used to create things such as logos. An advantage of this file format id usually quite small, so is easy to move around through emails. A disadvantage is that this format isn’t accessible on the world web.


SWF files can contain video and vector based animations and also sound. As the file is vector based, the image quality doesn’t get affected when re scaling. Sometimes a compatibility problem may occur within this file type.


PSD are used within Photoshop and have a large size. They are useful when keeping a good quality image, however as it is such a large file, it is more difficult to send through email.


PDF is used to present documents without application software, hardware and operation systems. It is fast and simple to create and doesn’t take up much time. PDF is 0nly supported through MAC and windows operating systems.


CDR is used as a file extension for a vector graphic file, which is used in Corel Draw. CDR is used by many different editing programs but can only be a 2 dimensional vector format.


TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format’. This is very popular for MAC users. They have a very high file size, which means the images are high quality compared to other formats such as JPEG. TIFF files are very large, so they take up a lot of room.


PXR is used by Pixar and this is used for animations for characters etc. PXR holds everything that professionals will need to create good animations. You can’t open PXR files in all programs, for example Photoshop. This makes it software dependent and also quite expensive.

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