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Fifa Ultimate Team

Fifa ultimate was introduced in Fifa to allow players to create their dream teams, get players they valued as good players, and build there squad up. In ultimate team there are many options that allow to build your squad and become the best of the best. In this mode, there is a transfer market, this is where you purchase the players which will allow you to build a squad. since the release of ultimate team it has become a very popular asset to the EA franchise, as it allows in game purchases for Fifa points, Fifa points allow people to buy packs,. which can also be purchased with coins, these packs contain consumables or players which you can use or auction to make more coins. Fifa is advertised by not just EA but by many other people, on YouTube there are many YouTubers who play this game and create videos on the gameplay or pack openings. Fifa ultimate team has its own web companion app, this allows users/players to be able to access there teams through there PC or phone, but recently this app has been halted to sort out coins sellers who make money through EA game by selling coins which are generated for the use to sell. since this ban, many players are angry and upset with their decision as making coins on Fifa is not a easy process, especially if you want a player such as Messi or Ronaldo. Ultimate team has a wide community of players who play the game and support the franchise. Fifa 16 has been announced and is expected to  be released in September or maybe later in other regions, in the new release, we are expecting women players to join the game.

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