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Fibre optic

Fibre Optic – Advantages:

Fibre optic is the fastest current transmission media that is available to use it is so fast due to it using light to transfer the data this is done through sending 8 lights down the fibre and each corresponds to a binary output allowing for the data to be transferred. Fibre is able to run a at high transfer speeds of up to 10 terabytes of information per second and it is also able to travel up to 4KM before it needs a repeater to keep the signal going.

Fibre Optic – Disadvantages:

A problem with using fibre is that it is very expensive to do so due to the way it has to be built and for the different climates it has to survive such as being put along the bottom of oceans and under the ground. There is also the possibility that the cable will break due to it being made from glass strips which also means the price to repair it will cost a lot as well.

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