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  • Features of Social media to an organization’s needs.
Features of Social media to an organization’s needs.

All organisations need clients, we progressed to a stage where everyone has a social media account and that’s the number one need to an organisation, they need a lot of people, that’s why practically every big and small company has a social media account, by paying to the social media you can create ads that pop up to people and by doing that you attract more followers . Company recognition will increase highly,  leading to more followers all around social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.  

Social media websites adapted to mobile phones, as owners of a mobile phones are connected to social media more effectively than using it on a computer, by adapting resolution as every year new modern phones come out and the industry has to keep up with them, making the websites smother and with new features helping organisations. 

Businesses use them for advertising, data collection, trying to keep up with the news, and keeping track of competitors. Search engine optimization is a very important thing for companies as if you want to have more visitors you have to be in front of all the other websites, to do this you got to have a quality website full with content And multiple key words, also by hiring Web designers this task will be easier to achieve. 

Should be simple and to the point, describing in a few words what the organisation stands for and what it produces, this is the best way to keep the customer’s attention as he doesn’t want to read paragraphs from his first interaction with the website, the Usage of images and emoji is great to keep the customer attached. 


You can always check how your posts do by checking your analytics, how many followers are new to the profile, this should always be checked as you don’t want to post stuff that is not getting attention, likes, shares, comments etc. Twitter Analytics informs you how your audience reacts to the content that you post, as well as what works and what doesn’t. Use this information to improve the results of your future Twitter posts. Google analytics will also tell you how many people are on your website, where your customers are located(Countries), what they like the most and the device they are using to access your website, from these key information you can adapt to your target audience and make more progress. 

On websites such as Facebook and Instagram its very easy to check who are the people that follow you, their interests, their gender, age. You can track and see who is the most interested in the products and if that’s the target audience you wanted to acquire and if its not than there is some sort of issue on how you advertise it, how you post stuff and maybe there is ace for changes. Based on their personal information you can also make certain tweets, posts etc.