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  • Famous rapper King Von killed in Atlanta shooting
Famous rapper King Von killed in Atlanta shooting

King Von a rising star, making his mark in the Chicago Drill, has tragically died involved in a shooting in Atlanta on Friday morning, November 6; he was only 26. The Atlanta police department stated that three people were killed and three injured in a shooting outside Monaco Hookah Lounge. The shooting allegedly escalated from an argument which occurred between two groups, the immediate sound of shooting prompted one of two off-duty, uniformed police officers working outside the lounge and an on-duty office on patrol nearby to respond and intervene. APD states “shots were fired during the encounter”, but add no officers were injured. According to APD, paramedics took the three suspects to the hospital, three others made their way to the hospital independently. And two more suspects were detained at the scene. Atlanta police department later confirmed King Von was one of the individuals killed at the incident was rapper King Von aka his government name Dayvon Bennet. Video footage of the shooting has been released and has made its presence on social media, showing a large group of men fighting outside, when one suspect appears to open fire, leaving at least two people apparently shot in the street. Many fans, friends, family and fellow music artists showing their love and condolences also through the power of social media.

Before his death, King Von was on the verge of a breakout, having released his third studio album “welcome to O’Block” just a week before his death. O’Block is a stretch south king drive in Chicago where a young Michelle Obama once lived. They call it O’Block, on maps it’s the 6400 block of South Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

The following incident remains open and under further investigation, officials said. Please follow the daily Manchester for more updates on King Von’s death.

King Von’s label have also announced he has another 2 studio albums ready to be released. His unfortunate death has brought lots of attention to his name with many sources starting to have their own input on his death


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