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Family problems

Last week my life was flipped and turned upside down. If you could just sit right there and take a minute of your time to read my story I would appreciate it greatly.  I was confronted by my parents who had decided to give me an ultimatum relating to my current jobless state. They told me that I either had to get a job or get out; they were sick of my behaviour on the streets and the people I had been associating myself with (Charlie Cooper). They seem to think that, for my own good, I have to separate myself from the people I have grown to become friends with. Regrettably I lashed out at them and told them they couldn’t control me. I left the house and went to my local play ground to brood on the current state of my family business. While I was there some youths decided to harass me; I was extremely annoyed and couldn’t control myself I got In a little fight and then went home. Upon my return my parents got scared and said “You’re movin’ with your aunty and uncle in Bel Air.”

Needless to say I was not pleased by this revelation. They seemed to have abandoned their goals of forcing me into the working world and were now forcing me to move to Bel Air with an uncle and auntie I had never met before let alone connected in any sort of family relationship. After a while of sulking and anger I decided that the move will if nothing else allow me to restart my young life in an environment that will most likely be more conducive to a successful life path. I took a long walk to think about it and in the end I found myself on the main road running through my town; I had decided to give it a try. I whistled for a cab and when it came near I found that the registration plate said ‘fresh’ and found this to be a pretty clear sign that the fresh start I craved so much was, in fact, happening. I got into the cab and said the driver “Please take me to Bel Air”. Unfortunately the Bel air is situated in the city of Los Angles in the United States of America and the cab I entered does not offer transatlantic flights. I exited the cab and went home where I would be able to get the tickets for my flight to New York where I would take a coach to Bel air.

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