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  • Fallout 5 to be released before Fallout 4?
Fallout 5 to be released before Fallout 4?

As Bethesda recently released a trailer for Fallout 4, it turns out they are planning to release Fallout 5 just next week! Fallout 5 will introduce micro transactions as well as open world MMO with a new combat system which is similar to Call of Duty’s extensive class system. Fallout 5 is part created by Infinity Ward and is also rumoured to introduce a new playable character called the trash man. The trash man’s abilities include throwing trash at other players and being able to walk aimlessly around the open world with a shopping cart. It is also expected to be released with a whopping 12 DLCs from launch all available for only £40 each. The game is a WiiU exclusive which could also mean the same for Fallout 4. Hackers have ported Fallout 5  to PC and found it the minimum specs required are that of a toaster.


Could this be the best Fallout game yet?




2 thoughts on “Fallout 5 to be released before Fallout 4?

  1. Ocrone

    Cant wait for fallout 5 I pre-ordered and got my cod ghost skin one day earlier than anyone else I then had to pay to unlock the game after purchase, infinity ward then proceeded to steal all my money from my bank account and evict me from my home 10/10 would be homeless again


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