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Fallout 4 has been much anticipated by gamers around the world since the last game in the Fallout series, being Fallout New Vegas which was released in late 2010.

Throughout recent years we have seen many “leaked” documents, clues and hints to Fallout 4, which have all turned out to be hoaxes. In late 2013 we saw some of the first “leaked” documents and an unofficial site containing a countdown and messages. One of the first that reached the news was that Fallout 4 was to be set in Boston. The sheer level of detail being posted on the site (listed here) lead us to believe this, but alas early December the owner of the site declared it an elaborate hoax.

In 2014, we also saw that a trademark was made in Germany on October 25th for “Fallout: Shadow of Boston”, which got gamers excited. But alas, once again it was confirmed to be a hoax, confirmed by a tweet from Bethesda’s verified Twitter account.

One day ago (on June the second) we saw another countdown appear for Fallout 4, but this time it was on Bethesda’s official website here. Only over an hour ago from now the countdown finished, once it finished it revealed a YouTube video showing an official trailer for Fallout 4 here. Gamers have been ecstatic (me included) with this news, posting on Twitter and within the first hour there were 80,000 tweets with the hashtag “Fallout4”.

This is the only official news we have had so far, but Bethesda will be announcing more official news (according to their tweet) at E3 which will be taking place on June 14th. Their showcase will be taking place 7PM PST (in America where it’s held), which will be 2AM in England (GMT). To view their showcase if you are not at the event, or even in America, be sure to visit their Twitch stream here on June 14 at; 7PM PST / 2PM GMT.