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  • Fallout 4 Graphical analysis
Fallout 4 Graphical analysis

Fallout 4 Graphical analysis

The Fallout series has never been about its revolutionary graphics but with the release of the new trailer there were a lot of people in the you tube comment section who were expressing their distaste for the graphical direction Bethesda chose to go. The graphics featured in the trailer were good, great even, they were high resolution and when looked at in detail were obviously of a high quality. The problems that people have seems to come from the brighter colour sets that the trailer shows in its post war sections. It is a well known fact that in the 50s bright colours were popular and the fallout series draws most of its inspiration from this time. I find the colour used in the game a refreshing break from the dreary nature of the last games and i feel it does not remove the serious feel that the game traditionally gives.

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