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  • Fallout 4 E3 News
Fallout 4 E3 News

At approximately 2AM this morning (8PM in the USA yesterday) Todd Howard presented some new Fallout 4 news at E3, I will give an overview of the showcase, but you can watch the full video on YouTube here where he appears on stage at 1:37:29 of the video.

Firstly he announced that they started work on Fallout 4 immediately after finishing Fallout 3, but were slightly preoccupied with Skyrim, then he showed us some of the rendered images which look fantastic. After showing us that he then showed a rendered image of what it used to be like (before the nuke went off), then said:

Fallout 4

“That last image is really important, because one of the great things about Fallout, is the world that existed before the bombs fell, and that is where our game starts” then goes on to say “On a beautiful Saturday morning, with the threat of nuclear war looming” – Todd Howard YouTube

Fallout 4 Face Sculpt

After saying these he then shows a new video, where it shows the character creation part of the game, where you select the area of the face, then sculpt. There is a man and a women for you to sculpt, which do interact whist sculpting, but whoever you exit the menu as is who you will play. Then Todd also said “we even generate a baby, based on the couple you make”.

Fallout 4 Vault Tech Guy

After the character creation menu, when you exit you get to walk though your house (before the nuke when off). A few minutes or so after a little bit of exploration around the house, you will get a ring at your door, from VaultTech, which will give a little explanation of their company, then get you to “verify” some information (SPECIAL and Skills menu):

Fallout 4 Skills Menu

After “verify” some information you then proceed to, pretty much, slam the door in his face, then explore the house a bit more. You will then hear air sirens going of warning about he incoming bombs, you proceed to the vault which you seen in the first trailer, when the bomb goes off. The video ends as the bomb goes off and Todd Howard says:

“We are not going to be spoiling or talking about the games story tonight, but you do survive and get lowered into the vault, events transpire, but you then immerge 200 years later, as the soul survivor, of Vault 111”.

Fallout 4 Begining

Then you get to explore the wreckage, this is when Todd keeps mentioning about how dynamic the game is, including the engine which allows for much more immersive graphics and lighting. You then get to visit your house, which was destroyed 200 years ago, but your robot is still there (which offers you food), Todd also says that even the dialog is dynamic, where you could even “shoot him in the face if you want”:

Fallout 4 Robot

|The gameplay then continues, after the encounter with your robot, you then run and find the dog from the first official trailer, where you take it as a companion, where you can command him by pointing at stuff in the enviroment:

Fallout 4 Dog

This game play also shows now in VAT it will not just freeze the enemy, it will just slow down their movements whilst you play out where you want to shoot. Then Todd officially states that it WILL be taking place in “Downtown Boston” (which has been rumoured before, and was highly hinted at in the first official trailer), then a few cinematics play out of the different areas of this wasteland.

Fallout 4 Cinematic

After this FMV Todd then shows us the new PipBoy which you find when you leave the vault, which you also now play games on.

Fallout 4 Pipboy

Also if you purchase the collectors edition of Fallout 4, you will get your own replica Pipboy, which you put your phone into, which also has its own dedicated app for it (which will come out when the game comes out, stated by Todd Howard). It will provides a second screen experience when on a LAN running Fallout 4:

Fallout 4 Pipboy Collectors Edition

The crafting system in Fallout 4 has had massive improvements, players wil now be able to take anything in the world (within limits), and scrap it for parts. When you want to use these again, you can simply get the menu up, select what you want to place, rotates it how you like (it even snaps to nearby objects for ease), in real time. You can even create a small village or town by placing objects, then traders will come which you can place water and power generators for.

Fallout 4 Crafting
With generators and cables, you can create systems which can be control by a terminal, which you then can control not just the power for the lighting, but even turrets, to protect from raiders.

Fallout 4 Power

For item crafting you can now choose which objects you want to make those pieces of, as seen in the example below. You have over 50 base weapons, and over 700 modifications for those weapons, which also expands into the armor (your power armour which you saw in the first official trialer) of the game.

Fallout 4 Item Crafting

Then he finished off with some action game play, which also shown a flare being thrown down to call an Apache helicopter which the player then can ride.

But the very last thing Todd announced, is that Fallout 4 will be released 10th November 2015.

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